Summertour 2007: Traveling Germany in search of ancestors

From July 17th to 30th, 2007 I travelled through Germany with two Australians in their search to trace their ancestors.

With the researcher Kay Gassan I had email contact for more than 7 years and had been able to find out some things about her ancestors in the archives of Berlin or in the villages in Uckermark and Lausitz. It was a special success to find some living relatives in the village of Turnow (Brandenburg, Lausitz) via the name GASSAN on a war memorial and a book about Turnow (Monika Sonke „Turnow-Geschichte eines Niederlausitzer Dorfes von 1567 bis 1945“)

The family rememberd the cousin from Dresden, who had been literally stranded in Australia when WW1 broke out in 1914. I was glad to start the snail-mail contact between Turnow and Australia and family pictures were exchanged.

To meet these cousins (two ladies high in the eighties and their descendants) Kay finally overcame her dislike of airplanes and together with her niece Barbara went on the trip to Europe. First they went to London and Paris to visit relatives and see many of the famous sights. Since I live in Turkey now, I also went on a plane to meet them both in Berlin. From there we started our tour by car and drove almost 3000 km through Germany and even into Switzerland.

After two weeks we had to split again, Kay and Barbara visited friends in Hamburg and I returned to Turkey.

The family history of the Australian Gassans and all the little bits and pieces of our yourney could easily fill a whole book, maybe one day Kay will publish her yournal. Here I'm presenting a selection of photos showing some of the highlights of this beautiful journey.
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