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The pages about the village churches in the Uckermark area turned out to an own chapter within my Huguenot pages. In the beginning I used to take pictures of the churches whenever I got a research request and searched the church records in a village. I sent those pictures to the descendants in America or Australia, so they learn a bit what the place looks like. By now many church books are filmed and I only see the microfiches I put into a reader in the Berlin central evangelical archive.

Now, if the weather is fine, I go together with my husband on day-trips to the Uckermark to see the churches and take pictures. We want to present the beauty of these old buildings to a broader public. Therefore these new pages not only with pictures but also some short information (the English translation of the informations given will follow later). I was using a digital camera with 2.1 Megapixel. Now I got a new one with 5 Megapixel and zoom, much better for getting a whole church with tower on one picture. For the presentation in internet the pictures have to be reduced in size and quality. I tried to find a compromise between quality and download times. 

If you found the church of your ancestors among my collection and you want a printable version, please feel free to contact me by email or snail-mail.

Ina Jonas-Nolte

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