Trees - Part 1


This and the following pages are presenting a collection of tree-pictures I took in search of nice backgrounds for a family tree. Most pictures are taken around my home village Zeesen, southeast of Berlin / Germany. Since the trees look so beautiful with the colours of autumn many are taken during that season, especially for those viewers that don't have an autumn season. After the first launch of this page a year ago, I took many more pictures so you now can go through four pages.


All pictures had to be reduced in size and quality to fit to these pages, and still they take up 10 MB of webspace. If you would like a single picture in higher resolution for your private use, send me a mail.  You can also buy a CD with all 150 tree pictures in high resolution for 10 Euro (plus whatever it costs for mailing). You may then print those pictures or use them as wallpapers etc on your own computer. They may not be posted anywhere else in the internet, given away or be used for any commercial purposes. 


(For enlargement click on thumbnail)

Webtreeapfel01.jpg webtreeapfel02.jpg 1014011webtree.jpg 1011016webtree.jpg 1016007webtree.jpg 1015017webtree.jpg 2webtree42.jpg 1018047webtree.jpg
webtreeapfel06.jpg 1018009webtree.jpg 2webtree19.jpg 1011025webtree.jpg 1018006webtree.jpg 1003062webtree.jpg 0928027webtree.jpg ZRL026webtree.jpg
webtreeapfel03.jpg 1011054webtree.jpg 2webtree47.jpg 1011053webtree.jpg 2webtree49.jpg 1003059webtree.jpg 2webtree58.jpg 2webtree22.jpg
webtreeapfel04.jpg webtreeapfel05.jpg 1003058webtree.jpg 1011056webtree.jpg 1016006webtree.jpg 2webtree21.jpg 0928063webtree.jpg Webtree08.jpg


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